Saturday, December 22, 2012

I'm Back!

Ok, I am back with fire under me! I am committed to blogging. Thanks to my new iPhone blogging got 20 times easier! I am so happy!

I have teased my friends about playing with their iPhones like playing Barbies, but now I have one, I totally want to play Barbies with anyone that will play! Come over to my house and bring your Barbie!

I want this!!

If anyone needs a last minute, big ticket item for yours truly, to to the barn...its $125 and would up my happiness factor a lot. Especially if I end up teaching school :)

Christmas Giving

Sometimes neighbor gifts are such a pain, but it does bring me great joy! I love doing it. It's all about the packaging. I love wrapping and I love cute tags.

Merry Christmas!